Philadelphia Pet Portrait Artist, Robin Zebley

Custom Pet Portrait, 8" x 10", $225
I'm Philadelphia area Pet Portrait artist, Robin Zebley.  I paint pets from coast to coast and internationally, too!

I've painted hundreds and hundreds of dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, houses and humans!

My turn around time is about a month most of the year, and my pricing starts at $225 for an 8" x 10" portrait.

Contact me for a no-obligation consult!  Robin


Chihuahua in her Dress Portrait

Always stylish, this sweet Chihuahua poses in her pretty dress for me!   I loved painting this sweet dog portrait!
Chihauaha in Dress Portrait Painting

I can paint your pooch's portrait, too!  Pricing starts at $225 for an 8" x 10", larger sizes available.

I'm custom pet portrait artist, Robin Zebley, painting pets from Chicago to New Orleans, Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between!


English Bulldog Custom Dog Portrait Painting with Cleveland Skyline

English Bulldog I painted this summer with the Cleveland skyline in the background.  Added the daisies, which are meaningful to her owner, too!  So much fun painting pet portraits of such happy dogs!
English Bulldog Custom Pet Portrait with Cleveland Skyline


Portrait of a tiny dog

Fresh off my easel, this portrait of a tiny dog with outdoor background.  Isn't he the cutest?  Custom Portraits start at $225, contact me for your project! robinzebley@gmail.com
Portrait Painting of a Little Dog


Boxer Dog Portrait Painting by Artist Robin Zebley

Boxer dog portrait painting
This boxer dog looks sooooo much like my own dog, Sarge, except he is a fawn, not a brindle, so he doesn't have stripes like Sarge.  This made an extra fun portrait for me to paint!  
For pricing, please see my pricing page! PRICES


Custom Pet Portraits from Photos by me, Artist Robin Zebley

Boxer Oil Painting
Hi and welcome to my site! I'm Robin Zebley, I paint custom portraits from your photos!
Small Dog Portrait
People, pets, homes, wedding venues, vacation spots for yourself or as a very special gift.  My pricing is below.
Wire Haired Pointing Griffon I painted

I enjoy taking your photos and turning them into meaningful art.

Grandparent Portrait Drawing

I've been featured on t.v., newspapers and Colored Pencil Magazine.  My work is in a permanent University collection, has been sold in gallery shows, and I've won local awards every time I enter!

English Bulldogs with Lab Oil Painting Portrait
 But my favorite honor is to be chosen to paint or draw beloved pets or kids or homes for my customers all over the world!
Yorkshire Terrier by me, Robin Zebley

I'm in the Philadelphia suburbs but the magic of the internet means I actually have work all over the world!  I've painted hundreds and hundreds of portraits all over the world with 100% great feedback and guarantee my work.

Oil Painting Portrait, Philadelphia Artist, Robin Zebley
I paint and draw in the order I receive orders, so my waiting list varies.  As of today, it's between 3 and 4 weeks for oil painting portraits, watercolor and ink house portraits and colored pencil.  (If you're deadline is short, just contact me and I'll let you know if I can fit it in by working overtime).

I accept credit card or Paypal through my Etsy shop.  

Here's more info on how to order a custom portrait.  Pricing is below.

And here's lots more samples!  I have them on all of my pages!

Cats Sleeping Painting in Colored Pencil
Wire Haired Pointing Griffon Dog Portrait

Pet and People Portraits
Oil Paintings or
Colored Pencil on Paper

8" x 10" - $225
11 x 14" - $275
16 x 20" - $325
18 x 24" - $375
Larger sizes available, please contact me for pricing.

Shipping for sizes 11 x 14 and under, $20.  16 x 20 and 18 x 24 is $30.

House Portraits, Wedding Venues, Churches
Oil Paintings, Watercolor and Ink, Colored Pencil

11 x 14 - $195
16 x 20 - $250

Other sizes are certainly do-able and I will discount a multiples if ordered together.  Just email and let's discuss!  Robin         

Black Pug on his beach vacation
I paint pets of all types and homes in my signature colorful style with a splash of whimsy, watercolor embellished with ink.  Questions are always welcome!  Contact me!  Robin
Custom House Portrait Painting

Love this scruffy dog! His portrait was fun to paint!
Striped Tiger Cat Painting Portrait by Robin Zebley
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, a favorite breed of mine to paint!
Contact me, no obligation!  Text or voice: 610-220-8053 or email at robinzebley@gmail.com

Labrador Retriever Portrait Painting
Wedding Venue Paintings make a great gift for the couple who has everything!
Glidden House, Cleveland Ohio Wedding Venue Portrait

More Portraits HERE


House Portraits by me, Robin Zebley

Custom House Portrait with Spring Flowers by me, Robin Zebley
This beautiful home with pretty spring flowers is my latest watercolor and ink portrait.  Guess what?  There WERE no spring flowers in the photo of the home, but I "grew" some, with ... ahem..."artistic license"!

Townhouse Watercolor Portrait

I also paint Pets in the houses.  Here's a beautiful home in Vermont with 7 cats paintings included.

Looking FOR a pet or people portrait?  Here's some of the hundreds I've painted! Right HERE

Portraits of Homes make fabulous and unique gifts!

I've been painting a lot of houses as wedding gifts for the couple who has everything, also a great Parents' gift!

House Watercolor and Ink Painting

I even paint historic houses, here's one from Chicago
Chicago House Portrait
Another great wedding or anniversary gift idea is an oil painting of their wedding venue!  I've enjoyed painting some really romantic spots!

I've got tons of references, and guarantee my work 100 percent.

Questions, please just contact me!  Robin.  Email: 610-220-8053, or email robinzebley@gmail.com  Love for you to share my site and work with your friends!


My Oil Painting of a Little White Fluffy Dog

Oil Painting Dog Portrait I recently painted
My portrait painting of this little guy was a Christmas gift for a Dallas couple from their kids.  It wasn't hard at all to capture that impish expression!

This guy is quite elderly, and my clients said it made it all the more poignant and loved by their parents when they opened their gift.

I loved working with a group purchase for a gift their parents.  I think the love comes through when so much thought is put in advance of the perfect gift for those who have everything.  I often paint blended families and new house portraits as wedding gifts, too!

Thanks for visiting my informal little website, I hope you'll enjoy every page.  I'm artist Robin Zebley, and I've been painting portraits of pets and houses and drawing kids for happy customers all over the US.  I love animals and think it shows!  Contact me if you'd like to discuss a project you have in mind, no obligation.  My work is 100% guaranteed.  If you don't LOVE it, return it for a full refund. Here are more paintings and drawings from my portfolio of Custom Pet Portraits 


Portraits by me, Robin, Custom House Portrait in Cincinnati

Watercolor House Painting of home in Cincinnati, Ohio
It's always spring in my studio!  Here's a portrait I just painted of a home in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I had to work from more than one photo because it wasn't spring at all!

I loved painting in her pretty garden and adding the trees all leafed out.

I like how the nearby tree turned out.  It's more detailed then I usually do, but I'm going to do more of that.

Thanks for stopping to look at it!  I'm artist Robin Zebley, I live just outside of Philadelphia, and paint home and pet portraits all over the country thanks to the internet!

My turn around time is about two weeks, I work from your photos and will discuss exactly what you would like.  Feel free to visit all of my pages here by clicking on the tabs at the top, including my references and feedback from clients!  Robin


Custom Oil Painting from Photo, Sofa Size, with personalized details

Thanks for stopping by my site!  I usually paint house and pet portraits, but I had a request to paint a copy of this iconic American history painting, Emmanuel Leutze's Washington Crossing the Delaware with personalized details, sofa sized, which leads me to offer any subject from photos, any size!

Custom Oil Painting from Photos, Sofa Sized or Old Master, Washington Crossing the Delaware copy
My client found my house portrait paintings and asked if I could copy this favorite of hers, but paint it a bit looser, a bit more "impressionistic" and incorporate the colors of her home.  So I stretched my wings, and off I went!
Detail, George Washington Painting

I loved painting it!  I've been wanting to do larger paintings, and this was a perfect one to start with.  I am thinking how cool a "sofa size" original painting would be as a wedding gift!  I am going to paint some house portraits that include the front garden, florals (perhaps a selection of flowers from a wedding bouquet, pet portraits that include their yards or outdoors along the beach, landscape paintings of favorite vacation or honeymoon spots, well, I'm just going to get painting big!

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a painted pet portrait or a custom house watercolor portrait artist, I'm your girl! My contact info is on the top right or the top tab.  Thanks for visiting!  Robin


Big White Custom Home Portrait with Mature Trees in the Background

Custom House Portrait, Watercolor and Ink by me, artist Robin Zebley

Glad you stopped by to see my custom house and pet portraits!  This one is a recent commission of a large home with really elegant landscaping, a punchy red door and to-die-for mature trees behind the house.

Can you imagine the views back there?

I've been enjoying painting houses, so many of them are for gifts and the response has been so sweet!  I am so lucky that so many of my customers are coming back for gifts for other loved ones who saw the very first one I painted!

I enjoy inking them at the end with a bit of whimsy.  I just think houses have personality, too!  This one doesn't have any pets, but I often include mini pet portraits either looking out the window or in the front yard.

Today I'm working on a sweet Victorian home with all that gingerbread, and that one is including a squirrel because it wouldn't "look like" that home without one in the tree!  Thanks for stopping!  If you have any questions at all please contact me (tab on the top or info on the sidebar to the right).  Hope to "see" you again! Robin


Wild Thing, Painting a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon Portrait

Oil Painting of a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon
I loved this doggy's face, the calm yet alert look in his eyes!

And that hair!

Every dog is different, I've painted and drawn hundreds of golden retrievers and each one's personality shone right through their photos.

That's what I try my best to capture!

When someone orders a pet portrait from me, I like to ask about the pet's personality.  Shy? Goofy?  Smug?  Smart?  Calm?

It might sound silly, but to me, I truly believe I get a better likeness when I know all about the pet.

Especially when I paint their eyes, then they are looking right back at me!

I'm artist Robin Zebley, thanks for visiting my site!  Feel free to contact me with questions or comments.  Robin.  Want to see more?  Here's more from my portfolio of painted pet portraits.


California Bungalow Watercolor Portrait Painting by me, artist Robin Zebley

Watercolor House Portrait Painting by me, artist Robin Zebley
Now this was a fun house portrait to paint!  I live in a bungalow, too, and love it, but this one is in California with the Hollywood Hills in background, what a view!  The sunsets are to die for, and that's how I painted the sky.  I grew up the cacti, and added the little dogs and siamese cat.  I whimsied it up the lattice, and for for a final touch, added the bottles collection in the window, turning this house portrait into a home portrait!

Thanks for stopping by, I paint custom house and pet portraits, please just contact me if you'd like one!  Robin


Custom Pet Portrait of a Dachshund in Texas Bluebonnets by me, Artist Robin Zebley

Dachshund Oil Painting
Hi, I'm pet and house portrait artist Robin Zebley, thanks for stopping by!  This little dachshund was a Texas cutie and a gift to his mom to remember him by.  

It's a little hard to paint bluebonnets and a Doxie since they are taller than they are, but I didn't want it to be a painting of bluebonnets that happened to have a dog in them anyway.  

Just kind of like to suggest the "setting" in my portraits.  This painting is oil on canvas, 5" x 7".  I do other sizes too.

I am always accepting commissions, if you like my style, just contact me here, we'll discuss your custom pet portrait project! Robin


Comical Dog Portrait I painted, some really shady pooches!

Want to see a fun portrait I recently painted?  Here's a portrait a client ordered for her Billiard's Room, that used HER dogs as the pool players.  And yes, that's my Sarge on the left, she asked me to include him, too!
Group Pet Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"

And here it is in it's permanent home in the Billiard Room.  See the "infinity" painting?

These are just a few of the samples I have for you!  Questions?  Ready to order?  Just contact me at RobinZebleyArtist@comcast.net or call me at 610-220-8043


Custom Portrait Art by Robin Zebley, Pet Portraits, House Portraits, Kids Portraits and Boat Portraits

What more can I say?  Pictures speak louder than words (although I am a real gabber), so here's more samples of my custom pet portraits and custom house portraits.  I'm in the Philadelphia area, and the house below is from my neighborhood!  But I paint and draw homes and pets from all over the country, all I need is your photos!
Portrait of Home just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Yellow Lab and Beagle Portrait, Painting by Robin Zebley, Portrait Artist

This is a family portrait of dogs, I used an array of photos to compose the painting.  It's 16" x 20" oil on canvas.  These cuties live in Baton Rouge!  Beagles and Labs make great siblings, don't you think?

Custom Pet Portraits, Cat painting in oils on canvas and pitbull in colored pencil

I create portraits from an array of your photos, the tabby cat portrait above is an oil painting.  I started out in colored pencil, I just love the detail and lush color I can get by pushing this unusual fine art medium to its limits!  Here's two Golden Retrievers' portraits I finished recently.

English White Golden Retrievers Custom Portrait by me, Robin Zebley
They are brothers, and I loved their expressive faces and wanted their personalities to show through in their portrait.  How do I capture their unique personalities?  I will ask you to tell me something about them.  I feel like when I know more about them, it comes through, and shows in their beautiful eyes.  It is so important to me that your portrait look like YOUR Golden Retriever, not just A Golden Retriever, you know?

Custom House Portrait, Cincinnati, Ohio

I have been creating custom portraits from photos for over eleven years for happy clients all over the world!   I work from your photos, usually a combination of them.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Custom Portrait

My studio is in my 1922 bungalow just outside of Philadelphia, on the way to Wilmington, where I am kept company by my boxer, Sarge.  I know how precious pets are! 

And a portrait makes such a meaningful gift! There is not a gift you can give that they will treasure more....forever.  Many of my portraits are purchased as wedding gifts, both house paintings and pets.  I've even done "blended pet families", for wedding gifts!

Custom Cat Portrait                                              Dog Portrait, Standard Poodle on the Beach
Memorial Portraits are so special, and I'm honored to be chosen to create a remembrance that I know will be treasured forever and bring a smile as they remind us of the joy and happy memories of our beloved pets.

No perfect photo?  This adorable English bulldog was not lying on a wood floor, no rug, no beloved baseball next to him!  I worked with his "mom" to add in details to make a pleasing composition AND added details to make it meaningful!
English Bulldog Portrait from Pictures

Questions?  Please just ask!   My email is HERE.  I'll respond within hours, usually.  So go get those photos together and let's create a special work of art!
Cat Portrait in Colored Pencil by me, Philadelphia Portrait Artist Robin Zebley